Best Long Throw Projector 2022

Short throw projectors are great for small rooms where you have limited space for projector placement, but what if you have a much bigger room?

Long throw projectors have been designed for those who need to set up in a more expansive space.

You may have plug sockets which are far away from where you want your projections to fall. That is where a long throw projector can come in and save the day, meaning you do not need to make a long snake of multiplugs across the room.

In that scenario it is almost guaranteed someone will trip and your projector will crash to the floor.

To help you avoid disaster, here is a list we have aptly called ‘Best Long Throw Projector’.

List of Long Throw Projector

  1. BenQ TK850
  2. YABER Y30
  3. ViewSonic True PX747-4K
  4. Optoma HZ39HDR
  5. GooDee YG600
  6. Epson VS250
  7. WiMiUS P28
  8. CiBest W13
  9. GooDee BL98
  10. YABER V6

Comparison Table for 10 Top Long Throw Projector

IMAGE PRODUCT Resolution Max. Screen Size Brightness price
BenQ TK850 4k 200” 2000 ANSI Lumens
YABER Y30 1080P 200” 8500 Lumens
ViewSonic True PX747-4K 4k 300” 3500 ANSI Lumens
Optoma HZ39HDR 1080p 300” 4000 ANSI lumens
GooDee YG600 768p 230” 6800 Lumens
Epson VS250 SVGA 350” 3200 ANSI Lumens
WiMiUS P28 1080p 400 1500 ANSI Lumens
CiBest W13 1080p 200” 4200 Lumens
GooDee BL98 1080p 300” 7000 Lumens
YABER V6 1080p 300” 9000 Lumens

What Is A Long Throw Projector?

A long throw projector comes with a lens that is designed specially to project image at much longer distances than the traditional counterparts. The reason why it’s different from standard throw or short throw is that it lets you place the device at a farther distance away from the screen to display big yet cleat image.

It is suitable mainly for bigger rooms or halls. The light spread of such projectors is immense so it reaches every corner of the spot.

If you get yourself an adjustable throw projector, you would get plenty of settings to adjust and get a precise viewing experience. It can be zoom in/out or vertical/horizontal keystone correction.

What Is A Long Throw Distance?

A long throw projector distance refers to the distance from the device’s lens to the screen. The projected display size and throw distance are proportional to each other depending on the lens optics. The more you increase the distance, the more the image size increases.

There are some projectors that use zoom lens. With this, you can adjust the lens and change the image size without altering the distance.

Such projectors come with a throw ratio of 1.5:1 or more. There is a formula that shows you how the throw distance can be calculated. It’s Throw distance= Image width x Throw ratio.

For instance, a long throw projector can display image at 300 inches if placed just 29 to 46 feet away from the screen. See the gap and image size? This is what long throw is.

Let me tell you that this is just an approximate calculation.

Why Have A Long Throw Projector?

Well, there are many reasons why you should have one. Let me explain 4 of them.

  • Huge Display

Long throw devices are mainly popular for projecting huge image. It can cast as big as 400 inches on the screen.

  • Great For Outdoor Space Or Living Rooms

You can use a long throw projector back in the yard for having a movie night out. Plus, if you have a big living room, this projector would be just right to give you home theater experience. Such rooms have enough space to project image at long distance. Usually long throws need at least 9 to 11 feet if you want to make the screen size 100 inches. However, it varies in throw ratio and models.

  • Adjustable Screen Size

Long throw projectors feature adjustable screen size that lets you adjust the projection size depending on the wall space. You can either increase or decrease the size to the one that fits your needs.

  • Easy On The Eyes

As it is always easy to look at bigger picture, the mammoth display size of long throw offers that. With this, you won’t have any eye strain issues even if you watch the movie for longer time.


1. How Far Can A Long Throw Projector Throw?

It actually depends on the projector’s throw ratio. Long throws come with throw ratio of 1.5:1 or more. If you want to project image up to 300 inches, it should have a distance between 29 to 46 feet. This is how long a projector can throw.

However, as I have previously mentioned, this is a rough calculation to guide you.

2. What Is The Best Throw Distance For A Projector?

It depends on how big of an image you’d like to watch. Let’s say, you want to project a 100-inch video, the best throw distance would be 9 to 11 feet.

It would be great if you calculate the formula of throw distance to get the best one.

3. What Does Long Throw Mean On A Projector?

Long throw is the distance the picture is thrown onto the screen from the projector placed far away from it to achieve a bigger image.

If you move the device closer to the screen, the throw will be short, hence, the image will shrink. Contrariwise, moving farther will make the throw longer and image bigger. 

4. How Far Does A Projector Have To Be From A 120” Screen?

If you are using a long throw projector, then the device has to be at least 11 to 18 feet away from the screen to cast a 120-inch image. Make sure to calculate the throw distance formula with the throw ratio to know the ideal distance.

Top 10 Best Long Throw Projectors Reviews

1. BenQ TK850

Do you want to enjoy big screen sports without making the room dark? Then BenQ TK850 would be a wonderful option. The 4Kresolution is crisp despite watching it from a distance. Its 10-element lens array enables the projector to enlarge up to 200 inches to give you the best viewing experience. With 2000 ANSI lumens, it delivers bright and clear projection even in a room full of ambient light.

Motion smoothing is quite efficient thanks to MEMC technology (motion estimation motion compensation). It makes the onscreen action looks super realistic while retaining detail in quick action.

The onboard 10W speaker is decent. You would find it pretty loud especially in a very silent room. Speaking of sound, it features CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 that helps deliver satiating clarity and sensual when it comes to audio.

Although the TK850 is HDR compatible, there’s a caution. Basically, the projector goes into the full HD mode when it receives an HDR source from any media player. Because of this, the noise of its fan increases up to 30dB making the speaker slightly inaudible. You may add an external sound system or I would suggest you watch in HD SDR. It would make the noise drop to 28dB.

I find this long throw projector very flexible. It has two HDMI inputs, USB reader and USB power port. You can add any other device such as a TV stick to stream all of your favorite channels through these.

Highlighted Features

  • MEMC technology helps smoothen quick motion.
  • 10W speaker with CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 tech delivers decent sound.
  • Enlarges image up to 200 inches with clear visibility.
  • Bright and vivid in well-lit room.

2. YABER Y30

YABER Y30 plays brilliantly in 1080p resolutions. Even if you make it as big as 200 inches, the projector would show you the videos clearly while eliminating the noise look.

The model mainly uses a premium glass that comes with optical coating technology. This combination helps deliver higher light penetration without the need for any virtual focus. Result? The clarity!

Thanks to 8500 lumens, the picture looks super bright in well-lit room so you would get to enjoy watching your favorites. With moderately high contrast ratio i.e. 10000:1, the projector adds dynamic details and depth to the videos.

One feature that makes YABER Y30 special is that it comes with 4D Horizontal and Vertical Keystone correction. Now you can get a straight and oriented display easily by adjusting either of the dimensions through the remote. 

This projector features integrated 3W stereo speakers. They do give you a good audio experience but it’s not up to the mark. If you want the best, you can add a sound system. It has an audio out port that lets you hook up one. Plus, there are two HDMI and USB ports as well for connecting it with multiple devices.

Its double-sided cooling system is a very smart factor. It works to enhance heat dissipation of the device so it prevents overheating and screen noise.

Highlighted Features

  • Features 4D Horizontal and Vertical Keystone Correction.
  • Projects image up to 200 inches without any blurs.
  • Double-sided cooling system prevents overheating.
  • 8500L and 10000:1 combine to give brighter image and deeper blacks.

3. ViewSonic True PX747-4K|Best Throw Projector

ViewSonic PX747-4K is built cosmetically beautiful. Unlike majority of the models, you would find it very quiet. It means the fan won’t make noise audibly.

Now let’s talk about the mains. This long throw outdoor projector displays stunning 4K quality content. The picture looks sharp and very well-detailed. Not just that, the projector supports HDR content as well as works to improve color accuracy thanks to SuperColor technology.

One of the plusses is that it projects the picture up to 300 inches. With such giant screen, you would actually feel your home like a theater.

You can even use the projector during broad daylight. Its bulb outputs 3500 ANSI Lumens that makes it show vividly bright picture with the lights on.

The projector has been designed with a 10W speaker. Just like most of the onboard speakers, this one does deliver decent sound unless you have lively viewers around. However, you have option to hook up an external speaker for better experience. Moreover, there are HDMI and USB ports that you can use to unite other devices.

One noticeable issue is that the input lag is average. It shouldn’t be a big concern unless you are a competitive gamer. However, if you love gaming, then I would suggest Optoma HZ39HDR because of its almost nonexistent input delay.

Highlighted Features

  • HDR compatibility and SuperColor tech help improve color accuracy.
  • Projects images as big as 300 inches with details and clarity.
  • ●      3500 ANSI Lumens show bright picture in well-lit ambiance.
  • Onboard 10W speaker delivers decent sound.

4. Optoma HZ39HDR

Optoma HZ39HDR captivates you at the very first with its higher contrast ratio than other models. With 300,000:1, the projector has been designed to give you the most outstanding depth from any video you watch. It renders well-detailed visuals through the highest contrast ratio so you can have a lifelike projection.

Apart from this, its brightness is quite high at 4000 ANSI lumens. The image shown in the projector will not only be very bright but rich in color too. One of the most useful features is its lights-on viewing mode. In case you think there is too much light around, this function would work to make the videos easier to see.

Not only that, the projector uses HDR10 and HLG techs that help enhance your experience. They allow for deeper black and brighter white levels so it gives the most naturalistic display.

There is a 3D tech that makes it support 3D contents from almost any 3D source so you enjoy your favorite series with an extra sense. Of course, you would be needing a 3d glass for the job.

As I have previously mentioned, this is particularly amazing for competitive gamers. Its motion is smooth while the input lag is almost nonexistent. So, you can use projector for movies and gaming too.

Just like the previous one, its screen size will be giant. You can watch any movies in 300 inches without any blurriness.

The integrated 10W speaker is simply disappointing. However, you can fill your room with a much clearer sound with an external speaker. There are HDMI and USB ports for adding extra devices as well.

Highlighted Features

  • 300,000:1 and lights-on viewing mode make the image well-detailed and natural.
  • 3D tech allows for 3D content for offering enjoyable experience.
  • Projects image as big as 300 inches with clarity.
  • Nonexistent input lag makes it great for gamers.

5. GooDee YG600

GooDee has updated the YG600 to give you brighter lamp and higher contrast ratio than its previous versions. Its lamp generates 6800 lumens to give you a brilliant picture quality if projected in a low lit room. The movie would have an impressive depth with the contrast ratio of 3000:1.

It produces image up to 230 inches diagonally. The device promises to keep the quality intact even if you upsize it.

A small gripe with the projector is that it doesn’t play in native 1080p resolutions. Instead, it comes with 768p resolutions to provide you with a decent image clarity. Although that’s a con, the good thing is that it accepts 1080p signal and down-convert it to 768p without losing the quality.

This would be a very quiet projector to have. It comes with an updated fan that would make lesser noise than its rivals. As a result, there won’t any disturbance in the middle of a quiet scene.

Just like Yaber Y30, this one features a cutting-edge cooling tech. With this, you won’t have any overheating or noise issues if you use it for longer period.

The onboard sound system is pretty great. It features 3W speaker and SRS sound that deliver a room filling sound. Although the sound may not be ideal for outdoor use, you would love it inside the house. And of course, you will have ports and audio ports for adding multiple devices. This makes the projector quite flexible.

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers stunning image up to 230 inches.
  • Cutting-edge cooling technology helps prevent overheating and noise.
  • 3W speaker with SRS sound offers great audio in living room.
  • 6800 lumens provide great depth if projected in low lit environment.

6. Optoma HD143X | Long range projector

The first projector on our list today is perfect for a cinematic or gaming experience.

Important for anyone setting up a home cinema, especially in this age where broadband allows us to stream in super HD, is the resolution.

You will get a native resolution of 1920*1080 from the Optoma HD143X which means you will get clear images almost like the action is unfolding live before your very eyes.

Cheaper projectors, and mini projectors, while supporting 1920*1080 resolution, will have a lesser native resolution, meaning the image you see is nowhere near as good.

Resolution is not the only thing to look for.

A high contrast ratio is important, especially if you want to get realistic color and shading doing justice to what the movie director, or game maker wanted you to see.

When you see that the Optoma HD143X has a contrast ratio of 23,000:1, you can fully understand that this is a high-performance projector.

The manufacturer of this projector with long throw claims it will be perfect for your living room, or backyard due to its 3000 lumens of brightness. This level certainly will allow you to get a good image in low light setting, but we would not recommend outside use in the daytime.

Highlighted Features

  1. Handy 1.1x zoom function allows flexibility in projector placement
  2. 47 – 1.62 throw ratio allows usage in larger spaces from a distance.

7. Epson VS250 SVGA Projector | Projector Long Throw Lens Adapter

The second projector on our list is for those looking for a device that will help with delivering outstanding presentations, rather than something suitable for watching movies and gaming.

This is very much a projector set up to match business needs.

To begin with, the Epson VS250 has a lumen of 3200, which means it will project a good image even in a room with a light on.

If you want to be able to read a room while giving a presentation, having a projector that only works well with the lights off is not going to particularly help you.

Because this projector has been set up for presentations, you will only get a resolution of 800*600, but that is more than enough for its purpose.

A contrast ratio of 15,000:1 is also more than adequate for projecting the various colors you are using in your presentation so that their differences show up clearly.

You will not end up with a situation where bar charts all end up looking like they have one color because of inferior projector specs.

Finally, if you are an Apple or Android user, you can get this projector to work wirelessly with your devices.

Highlighted Features

  1. An eco-power mode can extend the projector’s lamp life
  2. Has automatic vertical keystone, and manual horizontal keystone, so you can set up accurately

8. BenQ MW612 WXGA Business Projector | Long Throw Video Projector

Our third reviewed projector is another device best suited to the business world, university lecture theatre, or school classroom.

The BenQ MW612 is a step up from the previous projector on this list, though that obviously comes with a greater price.

If you need a projector that goes higher than 800*600 resolution, then this projector could be what you are looking for. 1280*800 resolution will ensure a greater clarity for all presentations delivered using this device.

A contrast ratio of 20,000:1 is really going to help the graphics and pictures in your presentation to jump off the screen and impress your audience. It will also ensure that any text you use is sharp and clear so that people are not straining to read it.

4000 lumens of brightness mean that you will be able to get a wonderfully bright projection, clearly visible even with the lights on in the room.

Your audience will be able to see a 120-inch projection area from between 13 to 14 feet, with a larger distance and bigger screen also possible.

Wireless presentation is also possible so long as you buy a wireless dongle to utilise your Apple or Android devices.

Highlighted Features

  1. Compact and lightweight so can easily be moved from room to room
  2. LampSave technology extends the lamp life if used

9. Crenova XPE660 | Projector with long throw scope

This projector from Crenova has been built with the specs that make it a fantastic option for anyone who wants to have an outdoor movie night, binge watch TV series over the weekend, or have an all-day gaming session with their friends whilst requiring a device at an affordable price.

A throw distance of 19.7 feet will get you a massive 200 inches of projection display to really enjoy whatever it is that you are going to be doing with this projector.

With this being a more affordable option, it supports 1080P, but will be converting that down to a 1280*800 native resolution. This is better than a lot of projectors that come at a similar price.

6000:1 contrast ration is a significant reduction to what you will find to other projectors on this list, but is still a high enough rate that you will be able to enjoy the color details of even the best games and movies, even if not being displayed to maximum quality.

6800 lumen brightness make this projector usable throughout the day, which is a definite advantage on any cheaper mini projector that you might have your eyes on.

Highlighted Features

  1. Extremely long lamp life means no expensive replacement bulb required for years
  2. Get a 60-inch screen from as little as 3.7 feet

10. Optoma WU334 | Ultra Long Throw Projector

The final projector on our review list is another that is extensively a projector best suited to giving presentations. However, unlike the other presentation projectors we looked at, it can easily be used for gaming and watching movies.

The only reason we prefer this as a presentation projector is the lamp life of 15,000 hours which, while seemingly very long, is considerably less than the projectors we’d recommend for all day gaming and binge watching.

Resolution on the Optoma WU334 is high at 1920×1200, and the contrast ratio of 20,000:1 means that your presentations will be truly clear and easy to read.

If using this for movies or gaming, then the contrast ratio also means that you will see a greater color detail that makes your films and higher end games have a more natural feel.

3600 lumens is not the highest on the list, but will allow you to give presentations in a bright room without too much interference with the picture.

A 1.3x zoom function means you have some flexibility with how you position the projector, and wireless functionality mean you don’t have to be stuck around a laptop or computer in order to move your presentation on.

Highlighted Features

  1. 10-watt speaker provides clear audio, so no external speakers needed
  2. A huge maximum image size of 300 inches

Long Throw Projector Buyer’s Guide

a) Resolution

The place to start with any best throw projector is resolution.

With your long throw projector resolution, you need to decide what your needs are and how much money you are willing to spend.

Generally, a higher resolution is going to cost you more.

For presentations in school, university or at your place of work, a resolution of 800*600 should be more than suitable to get the sort of clarity needed to look professional.

However, a 1280*800 resolution projector will mean your presentations have that little bit extra pizazz.

When movie watching and gaming, a 1280*800 resolution projector should be the minimum to go for if you really want that real life detail in what you are seeing.

A 1920*1080 projector is always going to provide the best cinematic experience.

b) Contrast Ratio

For presentations especially, a higher contrast ratio is essential as there is usually a lot of black writing on white background.

If you want your text to be sharp, and for your audience to go away without eye strain, a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 or above would be great.

Such a high ratio will also mean that the colors in your presentation are vivid and able to stand out.

For movie lovers and gamers, you can get away with a lower contrast ratio if you wish. But getting a projector with a high contrast ratio, especially with movies that have been filmed with aesthetics in mind, or games built with super detail, would provide the most immersive experience.

c) Lumen

The lumen number relating to your projector is important as it tells you whether you can use the device with the lights on or even outside.

For business presentations especially, a high lumen will be important as you do not really want to present to audience that is sitting in complete darkness. Especially if you are wanting them to take notes from what you are saying.

While many people enjoy gaming and watching movies without the light on, it is not always possible to block out all light sources. So, if you plan on daytime usage, then high lumen is necessary.

d) Lamp life

If you use your projector for 2 hours a day and it has a lamp life of 15,000 hours, then it should be 20 years before you have to buy one of those expensive replacement bulbs.

That sounds great if using a projector for presentations.

But realistically, gamers and avid cinephiles will want a much longer lamp life.

Bottom Line

That completes our best long throw projector rundown.

As has been said several times, the  long throw projectors  for you will depend on your specific needs.

The specifications needed for a long throw projector used in schools, universities and conference rooms are vastly different than those required by a family wanting a movie night, or someone sitting and playing their PS4 or Xbox for hours.

Whatever needs you have, there is certainly a projector on this list that suits you.

Hopefully, we have helped you make a decision on which projector you are going to buy, and you will get some incredible usage from it for years to come.

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